Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pass it on...

OK, now that Thanksgiving is officially celebrated and past us now, I am ready to get into the Christmas spirit! I will start listening to Christmas music, I plan on decorating the house this weekend, and I will start thinking of buying Christmas presents for family and friends. It's just too much for me to start any earlier than this. Don't you think? I love Christmas, but I hate the commercialization of it! Maybe I shouldn't' have posted this picture then... oops... but all in all, I think Christmas gets lost around this time of year. I find myself not enjoying this season for what it is. This month I vow to celebrate the season, pass on the cheer, and enjoy Christmas. I going to try not to stress over things I can't control, like traffic or busy airports when we travel to my home state of Delaware. I'm going to try to hold doors open for people carrying heavy packages at the mall, what am I saying... I'm going to try to AVOID the malls for my sanity. I'll hold a door for someone who has coffee in their hand or something, I'll let someone go before me at a stop sign, I'll smile more, be more available to others, and stop and smell the evergreen tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And enjoy the next couple of weeks until the big day!