Thursday, December 6, 2007

Beautiful Bowls

I discovered this website this summer and always wanted to visit this studio. It's R.Wood and they are located so close... right in Athens, Georgia. I was struck by the beautiful colors in the pottery and the shapes as well in all her dinnerware and vases. It reminded me of Vietri, my favorite Italian pottery, but soooo much better! What a pretty table top you would have with R.Wood place settings on it. A funny thing happened this morning. I had noticed a new bumper sticker on my Principal's car. It was an R.Wood bumper sticker. Something told me that I liked whatever it was (I had forgotten what it was) So, I checked it out this morning and remembered how much I loved the site! So, I asked my principal about her bumper sticker and it turns out that THE R. Wood is her SISTER! "GET OUT!!" Yes, I am just one degree away from this very talented artist! Anyway, this very talented artist is having a studio sale this weekend in Athens. Go! The weather is going to be beautiful and why not do some shopping in Athens and swing by the R. Wood studios! Enjoy!


Alan said...

Meg loves Rebecca Wood's stuff as well. You guys have great taste! We have several pieces of her pottery that we use to serve food and as decoration. I am sure you have seen some of the pieces at our house. Meg has been to her studio a couple of times and loves it. One of Meg's friend's mother is an artist in Athens and is good friends with Rebecca Wood. You guys need to plan a trip one weekend to go to her studio.

Kim said...

Yea, now I have someone to go with!