Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cohn's (lack of) Crowd Control...

Hubby and I went to see Marc Cohn last night at a small venue in Midtown Atlanta. We arrived just as he was singing his first song. So we missed the opening act, Amy Correia. We didn't think much of it to miss her, but after listening to her singing backup all evening, I'm guessing it would have been a good set. She has an incredible voice. Marc Cohn was very good. He played all the usual favorites (Walking in Memphis, True Companion, She's Becoming Gold, Silver Thunderbird) and a ton off of his new album, Join the Parade. The music was really good, however the crowd SUCKED! I'm sorry to use that word, but they did. They would not SHUT UP! Apparently, Cohn likes to talk between songs, explaining the background, etc. But that does not mean YOU have the liberty to talk back to him, better yet, YELL back to him. Not anything disrespectful mind you, but very annoying none the less. Sometimes he would respond, other times he just ignored it. One comment was the never dying "FREE BIRD!" People! Get a hold of yourself. Stop saying that! You are embarrassing yourself. Cohn did address that one, and embarrassed him further. THAT was pretty funny! So, my plea to you all who feel the need to hear yourself at concerts. "Hey, I didn't pay money to listen to you! I came for the music. SHUT UP!" Thank you :)