Wednesday, February 20, 2008

cute cards

Inside of card: "Say hello to the nine most miraculous months of your life!" By Naughty Betty

I have had an onslaught of very cute notes, cards and gifts come my way with my recent pregnancy news. Thank you! I have got to say, I love being pregnant! Everyone asks you how you are with big fat smiles and wants to hug you! What more can you ask for? I love listening to everyone else's stories about their pregnancies. (keep the really bad ones to yourself, please!) It's an exciting time! I just got a big ol' package of maternity clothes from my sis! Just in time, baby! My friend gave me a Bella Band and I look forward to trying that out this week. I am bustin' out of everything. I love growing too. It's a really great time.


KatyShops said...

I just found your site and love it! It is nice to read another "Atlanta Girl" blog :)

How is your training for the ING going? I will be running it too!