Monday, February 25, 2008


I want this phone! yes, it's a phone from the early 60's. It's not the latest flip phone, it can't take videos and it's pretty difficult to text anyone, not to mention put in your purse! But I want this phone for our home! Im not kidding. Hubby and I have cell phones and we have no need for a house phone, so we never got one. But in our new home, we have a doorbell that "rings" through our phone. We have a jack up on our wall for the whole world to see and we need it covered! I thought it would be cool to have this vintage phone hanging on our wall instead of some cheapo phone from Walmart. I have put a bid in on E-Bay. Im crossing my fingers. hey, don't think about bidding on this bad boy... unless of course you win and give it to me! Im crossing my fingers.... I'll let you know how it works out.


Alan said...

Well, did you win the auction? We are dying to know! I love the idea of having that phone hooked to your doorbell!