Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chalk it up

I love chalkboard paint! I love the way it looks in rooms and the practical yet stylish feel it can bring to a room. I have always wanted to incorporate it into my home and now I feel like I have the perfect excuse... THE BABY ROOM! Blackboard color is my favorite, but they apparently come in many different tints of color. The last time I was in Lowes, I found out they have magnetic paint (this can be mixed with the chalkboard paint!) and they have Whiteboard paint! How fantastic! This appeals to me in many ways. The teacher part of me loves it and is already buying chalk to use. The practical side of me enjoys the functional part and the fun part of me likes the whimsical look it can bring to any space you have. I love the ideas above. I found them by just "Google-ing" chalkboard paint. The ideas are limitless. You're whole house can be chalked up! Well, I won't go that far with it. (hubby thanks me!) I just want to incorporate it into the nursery somehow. Any ideas?