Monday, March 24, 2008

welcome back

Welcome back, Spring! Welcome back Pollen! "Ah-chu" And welcome back from Spring Break. One of the benefits of teaching is our Spring Break. It was a very nice break visiting family up north, then coming back to spend the weekend at the lake with hubby. We had an absolute gorgeous day on Saturday. (A shorts and flops day) We spent the day in Athens and walked around University of Georgia. It looks like we have a few more cold days, then spring officially hits! Whoo hoo! On the pregnant front, I am bustin' out. It seemed that I "popped" this week. All of a sudden, I have a bit of a pooch going on. And it's not after a big meal either. I am 19 weeks and I feel great! I'm so happy and grateful I'm having a great pregnancy so far! Welcome Spring!