Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Magazine Launch

Whenever I can catch Donny Deutsch's The Big Idea on CNBC, it always proves to be an interesting show. Donny's background is in Advertising and Marketing and that always is of interest to me. He invites innovative people who have "Big Ideas" that have been successful. ie: Sara Blakely inventor of Spanx, Russell Simmons, Paula Dean and Sons, Jen Groover of Butler Bags, Dannielle Kyrillos of Daily Candy and Gia Russo - Co-Founder of MiGi syle. Last night's show had the one and only, Ty Pennington to talk about the launch of his latest magazine that came out this month, Ty Pennington At Home. It's worth taking a look at. It is supposedly one of the hottest launches of the year. It hits the stands this month. He talked about your color personality and an online quiz you can take to discover that. Have fun!


The Adventures of Moxie Brown said...

Kim this is Sabina from Red Branch PR, Jen Groover's publicist, and we are so flattered by your post. Could you please get us your email so we can talk about promoting your blog through her space?


Alan said...

Hey, Kim! Thanks for giving me the heads up on the Butler's bags. I am ordering one now. They look great!