Friday, June 27, 2008

33 Week Update

WOW! How about that shot? Freaky! It's a bird's eye view of the belly sitting on my couch. Couldn't sit there for long since every position I seem to try gets uncomfortable in a short while. I have 4 pounds of baby inside me as well as an undisclosed, but very large amount of pounds of mommy too! I'm getting up there in LB's, but hey, the docs still think I'm on track. (They clearly looked at someone else's chart, but I'm not complaining.) Reese is partial to my right side, trying to kick her way out! Not yet, honey. I love it when my belly contorts and then becomes lops-sided. I am definitely waddling around summer camp. My mind wants to walk faster and still do the things I think I can do, but Reese slows me down.
Only one more day of summer camp left with the little kiddies. Then all I have left is 4 days of a computer class for teachers and some tutoring. Then I'm just waiting for D-Day!


audi said...

Hey, looking good!! Every time I see the commercial for the Olympics (8-8-08) I think of Reese! Can't wait.