Sunday, June 15, 2008

Baby Update

I am so excited about this bassinet. Hubby's mother fixed this up for us and it looks adorable! I love it!! She actually used this when Hubby was an infant. (Please don't call D-FACS, it will be ok.) She painted it and added a lovely gingham and lace insert and new sheets and blanket. She still wants to do something to the top of it, like add a ribbon through the top. I think it is precious. We received it this weekend because I could not wait any longer. It was only after I ran into some women who told me how early their children arrived and it scared me a bit. We still don't have anything ready in Reese's room. Yes, the crib has been ordered, but will not arrive until mid July. I am currently writing this post from the very spot I hope her dresser/changing table will be. I am looking around and I see about a million CD's, a sewing machine, an unplugged lamp on the floor, winter bedding, bins full of junk, not to mention a full closet full of more "STUFF!" It's an awful mess in here. So needless to say, I am a bit concerned with the lack of progress that is going on in Reese's room. We need to clear this place out, paint and then load it up again with all her stuff. I know, I know, I need to relax, it will all get done. But I must admit, I do feel soooooo much better with this bassinet. At least I know she will have a place to sleep IF she decides to come early. I know some of these thoughts are coming from that irrational place in a pregnant woman's head where she needs to have everything in order ASAP! Oh no, am I nesting already?? We still have 8 weeks until the big day. So, here is hoping that I can suppress that irrational place in my head so I don't drive myself (and hubby) absolutely CRAZY!