Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do you feel it? That excitement for new adventures, new notebooks, new friends, new opportunities, new challenges... This is the time of year when I get so exciting about starting a new school year. Getting new school supplies is one of my favorites! But other than that, planning out my school year...incorporating all the lessons learned from the previous year and incorporating new challenges for this promising school year. I look forward to setting up my room, organizing and designing new bulletin boards, sharpening new pencils, reconnecting with teachers, meeting the newbies. The excitement is one of a kind. I'm so hopeful in the beginning of the year. I love meeting all the kids, even the ones who don't want to be there. I know, that I will see the most drastic change in them throughout the year. Very exciting... I can't help but feel these things now. Part of me will really miss not going back to school, and honestly I am a bit jealous of my replacement who gets to go back and fill in for me while I am on maternity leave. She gets to experience all the newness and excitement of it all. But I know I have so much more "newness" and "excitement" to experience myself on a very different level. I just can't fully comprehend it right now... In a few days (2 days to be exact) I will be a long ways from my excitement of starting school and be fully immersed in my excitement of starting mommyhood! Maybe I'll just go buy a newly sharpened Ticonderoga number 2 pencil for prosperity sake. :)

Then I'm going to check out the Cool Mom Picks - Back to School Guide. These are the must haves for the 08-09 school year!

Good luck to all the teachers this school year!