Friday, February 6, 2009

happy friday pics

Reese is getting stronger and stronger and sitting up for a few seconds at a time. So we were able to get some of it on film. I took a video using my flip and then captured this smile on my regular camera. She doesn't smile much when the camera is out, she is too busy looking at the light. So the top pics are of Reese flirting with Daddy. She has this thing when she sees people and is excited... she sticks out her tongue. It's a form of endearment now... don't know what we need to do when she keeps doing this when she is five, but we will cross that bridge later.... Anyway, just so proud of our little girl... she will be 6 months this weekend! YIKES!


Alan said...

Too cute! She is getting so big! But let me guess, Hubby is talking to her in baby talk in the top pictures. That is something he said he would never do. I know he does it even though he won't admit to it!

Wow, 6 months! Time flies! Henry turns 22 months today! They get so big so fast.

kristi said...

How Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing :)