Sunday, May 17, 2009

all "growed" up...

Have you ever seen that commercial where the young girl about 6 years old is talking to her dad and asking him to borrow the car, then she turns around and she is 16?!! Well, Hubby and I experienced what that dad in the commercial felt this weekend. Reese didn't ask to borrow the car, but she did accomplish a lot this weekend. We saw two emerging teeth and that adds up to 4 chompers. She crawled across the room for us for the first time. (now we know how dirty our floor is) And she pulled herself up to a standing position! She is also eating like a champ, or should I say chimp? She completely has control of what she grabs off her tray with her thumb and puts it directly into her mouth. Hardly any food misses her mouth. She is such a big girl!!! And it all happened this weekend. Next weekend, I'm sure I'll have a story about how she pulled the car out of our driveway and parallel-parked like a pro. We are proud parents. :)