Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Be smart in the sun...

This past weekend we broke out the baby pool while we were at the lake for Reese. She seemed to have fun. I guess it was like any other bath time. However, we slathered her with baby sunscreen, put on her UV Protective bathing suit (from Target for 9.99!) and added her UV Protective Hat. We didn't want to take any chances with the sun on her baby soft skin! My friend Audi gave me the hat and it has come in handy. We need a few more around for this summer. It fit Reese perfectly and shaded her well. Luckily, she doesn't seem to mind wearing hats.
I found some more UV Protective hats that I might have to get for this summer. Here they are if you want to check them out.
1. UPF50+ Water Resistant Brim Hats by UV Sungear
2. Rated UPF 50+ and Moisture-wicking internal sweatband for comfort by Coolibar
3. UPF 50+ protection, Reversible for double the wear by One Step Ahead
4. Lightweight, water-resistant UPF 50+ nylon by Comfykid
5. Made from supersoft cotton terry with rib trim. ok, ok, this one is NOT rated anything UPF, but it's super cute from Crewcuts!!!
6. Tested fabrics that guarantee 50+ UPF protection! by Tuga

We took Reese out for her first boat ride this weekend as well. She had to be strapped into her life jacket. She does not look pleased. She is giving Daddy quite a look! Then she made it into his arms to start the negotiations. "Daddy, if I promise to not run around the boat, can I take this ridiculous thing off of me?!"


From the desk of... said...

Super cute! Love all of the hats! When are you done with school & what are your plans for the summer - we need to see you guys!

Kim said...

Audi, she is wearing the hat you gave her! It's awesome, thank you!