Thursday, June 4, 2009

watch out for this truck this summer!

Don't let this truck pass you by. It's the Planet Smoothie, Smoothie-mobile. What a hot ride... or shall I say COOL ride! It can serve up some cool and refreshing smoothies in a neighborhood near you! Only say the word, I have some pull and can make that happen! Actually, hubby's brother manages the Planet Smoothie on Peachtree Road (Publix shopping center) and thought this truck would be a big hit this summer. So, he's trying it out at kids ballgames, outdoor music festivals, neighborhood pools and special events. It even has the ice-cream truck music it can play while driving around!
Hubby, Reese and I checked it out first-hand while Uncle Coleman was sprucing up the truck getting it "street-ready". So when you see it driving around, honk and wave, and follow it to a refreshing smoothie! Yummy!