Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The ABC's of Gratitude

Adversity – I’m grateful for the tough times I have had in my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Blue skies

Camera to capture all of the moments with daughter and family. I treasure each silly picture.

“Duck” – I love hearing my daughter say duck and many other words.
Ella Maurice

Family & Friends


Hubby! Health

Instruments that make all the great music out there! Like hubby’s guitar… I’m grateful that I get to hear him play on a daily basis. I’m grateful for the music in my life.

Job – I am grateful for the job I have and my new position at my school. I’m grateful that it’s not just a job to me, I love the people who work there as well. The Schenck School is the best!

Karen, my sister and her hubby.

Laughter – I love hearing people laugh! I’m grateful that laughter has the ability to lighten up a tough or crumby situation.

Mother – my mother is a pretty selfless lady and I’m completely grateful for her

Niece and Nephew – Lily and Caden.

Okra – fried, Okra! It’s so yummy and it reminds me of the south. Even though I was born and raised up north, my grandfather was from Arkansas and a true southerner. I am grateful for him and instilling me a love for the south.

Parents and Hubby’s Parents

Quite time

Running buddies – a great group of girlfriends who make me laugh, even though I want to cry while running up a hill.

Students who brighten my day, make me laugh and teach me a thing or two as well!

Teachers – quite a few teachers at my school inspire me to be my best. I’m grateful for their knowledge and willingness to help. I’m grateful for the teachers who taught me, the good and the bad! And I’m grateful for my teachers at the program I am taking this year. They challenge me and really make me think about this profession.

Understanding – I’m grateful for the understanding people in my life.

Vocabulary – it’s one of the subjects I teach and I’m grateful to teach it. I have a great time with my students.

Wilmington – my hometown

X- Chromosome – two of them make women and I am grateful for being a woman and for the other women in my life.

Youmans family – I married into a wonderful family

Zaxby’s – I’m running out of things! They do make a good dipping sauce.


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