Friday, September 4, 2009

I can't get enough...

A while back I purchased the above onesie for Reese from Oliver Handmade, an etsy shop. I thought it was so cute that I made Reese wear it way past it's prime! I kept convincing myself that she wasn't too tall for it, that all onesie's stretch out that way... HA! Well, I realized I had a credit at the shop, so naturally I just bought the same thing in a shirt but larger size! Yea... Reese can still wear it and I can officially retire the small onesie and let her wear her big girl shirt. (same hand-applique) I love it, of course. :) Be sure to check out Erin's shop at Oliver Handmade, you will not be disappointed in her quality products!


Anonymous said...

When my boys, now teenagers, outgrew a special onesie (or romper),especially a personalized one like this adorable one, I would cut it off right at the top of the legs and hem it (or not -- they don't unravel or fray!) to get some more cuteness out of it as a regular t-shirt. I dream of one day incorporating parts of the favs, along with the infinite school, sports teams, etc. t's into a quilt like the one at -- check it out!