Sunday, September 27, 2009

yea no rain...

So we were able to go outside today and enjoy this beautiful day! After going to church, I ran with my friend Sarah. I'm using the term "run" very loosely... we ran most of the time, and walked the rest. Then Hubby, Reese and I headed out to the Sandy Springs Festival. Reese loved to people-watch, run all over and didn't quite know what to do with at the petting zoo.
As you can see, she took a spill and got her first skinned knee. There is a little blood, so it's legit. It didn't even phase her. All she wants to do is go up and down steps and that's where it happened. She was just so excited to be going up and down steps, that she kept pushing on up to the next step.
What IS bothering her are her molars! The dang molars! They really are giving her trouble. I guess it's the typical runny-nose, crankiness, but then she has a fever and just does not feel well. yuk! I hope this phase passes quickly!
Update on the Gratitude Challenge... this is now day 7 and I'm supposed to take a picture of something I'm thankful for... well as you guessed... I've just posted it... Hubby and I have a happy child and I'm so grateful for her. Day 6 was to call a friend whom I have not spoken to in a while and tell them that I appreciate her. :)


Tiffany Lockette said...

I totally forgot about the Sandy Springs festival. Was it fun? We went to Piedmont Park instead and played on the waaaay to crowded playground which was full of too big of kids for Zoe to be playing around. Oh well, she got to swing, run in the "wet" grass and slide down a few slides. I am just glad we got to get outside!!