Friday, October 9, 2009

A day at the park...

This afternoon, Reese and I went to Chastain Park. I did my usual walk/run around the 3 mile route. I didn't need to rush home for anything, so we hung out for a while.

I love this park, it really has it all! If you have never been, it has a walking route around a golf course. You pass tennis courts, a pool, a school, and an equestrian center. Not to mention all the ball fields and playground it has for the kids. Oh yea, it has an amphitheater too that has great concerts! It's pretty amazing and I love that I work and live so close to this park.

I wanted Reese to see the horses and she loved them. She immediately started calling them dogs. No, honey, they are horses. She was mesmerized. One of the little girls riding waved to Reese and she then started waving to all the horses trotting by. As you can see, she's a fan, giving us the thumbs up.
Then we headed to the ball fields. Baseball and football are happening simultaneously right now and she was loving the cheering at the t-ball game. Reese started clapping when ever the fans would cheer. She also loved just running around. There is something freeing about an open field. I love it, and apparently she does too! There she goes....

I loved walking around with her. She was so into the action of the other kids playing sports. I can't wait for her to be that age!