Sunday, December 13, 2009

rain, rain go away...

or else we will be forced to play at Office Depot all day... Actually, it's not a bad place to bring a toddler if they need to run around... seriously! While picking up some things I needed, Reese was beginning to feel restless and started running around. Usually, it's a disaster waiting to happen when Reese runs around, but I felt like she really needed it and when looking around, hey, there wasn't too much to mess up. She found the packing peanuts and backed right into them.
She loved spinning around in the office chairs.

We ran around the aisles... don't worry, there were about 4 people in the place, including the workers.
Here she is running towards me with my new mousepad. It's the kind that also serves as a pad of paper, it has the days of the week on it. I thought it was clever.
Office Depot... who knew?