Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We had a major boo-boo last night. Reese occasional climbs on the back of her highchair, before we tell her "no". We have a highchair very similar to the one above, only it has an additional bottom ledge. Perfect for little ones to climb on, not so perfect for safety reasons. She was trying to climb into it joining us at the dinner table when it tumbled onto her. Needless to say, Reese went down pretty hard ending up with a large wooden contraption on top of her. YIKES!

It hit her pretty hard on her head, nose, and mouth. Her lip was bleeding, her nose was bleeding and her forehead was already starting to protrude, along with her upper lip. Of course she wailed, but Hubby and I were able to keep pretty calm which calmed her down in a few minutes. (even though she was still bleeding!) That was hard to do for me, but I faked it. She sucked on some ice-chips and regained her composure. She was a great little trooper!

We told her that climbing on her highchair was a "no-no". Only time will tell if she got the message. The above picture is pretty blurry, but I wanted to capture the moment. It looks like she hit her cheek too, but it's just normally red.


kristi said...

that breaks my heart! hopefully she learned her little lesson!

holly said...

oh reese!!! i'm glad she's ok. we are dealing with the climbing, too. hopefully soon they will realize!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Poor thing. How is her little head today? Is it getting better? I know it scared you to death. Hope she is feeling better soon.