Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Hospital Escapades..

On an uneventful visit to the pediatrician for Reese's knee, we ended up on an eventful evening across the street at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. For the last couple weeks, Reese has started limping due to swelling around her left knee along with what we thought looked like a small growth on her knee. We didn't think she twisted it, so we thought we better get it checked out. Our pediatrician suggested us go immediately to get it checked out with an x-ray and blood work. So, off we went.... The visit to the children's hospital was just an adventure for our little patient. She was so good and enjoyed checking everything out and receiving her new bracelet. What we weren't prepared for was any sort of dinner. We waited a while for her x-rays and by the time she got her blood drawn, it was well past her bedtime too. Considering all of that, she was exceptional! She was checking out the "camera" that took pictures of her knee and didn't even budge when that heavy blanket was placed on her chest. I had to leave the room for the actual x-ray, but Hubby said she did fantastic. I would have posted a picture, but it looks like she was being restrained instead of given some loving rubs of the shoulder from the nurse. Reese was even a trooper getting her blood drawn. We thought we would take our chances with the "pain therapy" option of nothing because the cream would have taken 30-40 minutes to work. It was already way past her bedtime that we figured we would have a meltdown either way, so we opted for no cream. Yikes... but she did so well! Etta, the nurse was awesome too! She was in and out! Reese gave a little scream as if to say, "What the hell was that!?" And before we knew it, Reese was commenting on her purple band aid. "Band aide, Band aide" That's all she could say. :) So off we went, to get some much needed food and sleep.

The x-ray and blood results came back that night and showed nothing. Which was good, the doctors were able to rule out a lot, but still they were unsure of what it was. So, an MRI was ordered. This past Monday, we went back to the hospital for an MRI of Reese's knee.

Hospital Visit Part II
Per instructions, Reese could not eat solid food from 9am - on... She drank liquids until 1:00 and nothing from 1:00 to 4:00! (the time she finally went back for her MRI) All things considered, she didn't complain. The sights and sounds of the hospital kept her busy. The first thing the nurses had to do was to check her vitals and put the numbing cream on her hands. She wanted more "lotion" as she loves to use mommy's every morning. So then we had to wait for it to kick in and for the MRI room to open.
She had a fun time with the balloon the nurse she gave her. Even though she knew something was going on... she still had a great attitude. Until it was ready to administer the IV. Our friend who is an Anesthesiologist told us that they would probably give her gas before poking her with another needed for the IV. But, they apparently don't do that! Aw, SHUCKS! So, we had to have her go through that torment again. By the way, I don't know what the "numbing" cream numbed! Perhaps it numbed the nurse's tolerance to crying!!! Or the ability to find the freakin' vein in her hand, because it felt like it lasted a bit too long. I saw her move around in there like she was fishing around for a lost item! The poor baby! I hated it. The nurse gave her a sticker and it seemed to help her somewhat, but she kept taking in really deep breaths like when you can't stop crying and you try really hard to. It was awful. What made me cry was the picture below. Sweet little Reese was given this green bunny by the nurse who thought she was such a great little patient. And the first thing Reese did was kiss it and pat it on it's back, as if the bunny needed comforting. All I wanted to do was comfort Reese, and there she was comforting someone else. I thought that was so sweet, that I cried. So, it wasn't too long that the Anesthesiologist came in and administered the sleepy medicine and it wasn't but 30 seconds that Hubby held a limp Reesie in his arms. He placed her on the gurney and off she went for the hour MRI. That was the worst!!!!Thankfully, Uncle Coleman came by while we were waiting. He provided us with much needed comic relief. We needed to release our tension about the ordeal. Also, walking around Scottish Rite Hospital definitely gave us perspective. Yes, it's scary to go though this as a parent, however, there were many other parents that day going through much worse with their children. There were children walking around or who could not walk around with sickness and diseases that I could not even imagine! Hubby and I counted our blessings that day for so much.
Reese came out of the MRI in little over an hour. She did really well, according to the nurse. She started to move around, so more "sleepy juice" was administered. But she came out of the anesthesia very well. She was groggy, but wanted food and wanted to snuggle. So, all was well! :) Uncle Coleman walked her out and in the lobby were rescue Greyhounds for the patients to pet and hang out with. That was perfect! Reese enjoyed petting and watching the dogs! Apparently not enough to let go of her balloon though. :) But it was a great ending to an eventful afternoon. Reese ate, took a bath, and went to bed at her normal time. She woke up the next morning at her regular time too.


Tiffany Lockette said...

Poor Reese and poor Mommy, I know you were beside yourself watching her go through that. We had a visit with Scottish Rite when Zoe was 3 months, let's just say, I never want to go back there again if we can help it. Anyway, hope she is feeling better and the MRI results give you an idea of what is going on with her little knee.

holly said...

oh my goodness! poor little reese (and mum and dad, too). have you heard back what it is yet? fingers crossed it's nothing.

let me know if you all need anything.