Friday, May 7, 2010

We are home from surgury...

Reese was such a great little patient. This morning she didn't fuss about getting up at 5:40 am, nor did she complain about not eating.
This time, she drank sleepy medicine, then they took her back to get gassed, etc. She was so brave to go back without us. The procedure took less time than we thought and she was out of recovery and back to us in no time.
That's when it was hard. I read about it, but hoped she would not react the way she did. But her screaming and thrashing around was normal. It killed us all. It lasted around 40 minutes and she calmed down and was able to get some rest.

We finally had our old Reesie back and were all feeling good again. Here is one of the nurses taking out her IV. She seemed to be doing well and came on home. She ate and napped.

Here she is on MeMe's lap talking away. She has not tried to walk on her leg yet, but the doctor said she could. She has to keep the wrap on her leg for three days and then the "stitches" will dissolve. It doesn't seem to bother her all that much....yet.

The Orthopedic said it was NOT PVNS, like he thought. It's a form of Arthritis and we have to see another Doc about that. I have too many facts swirlling around in my head to make sense of it all, so that will have to wait for another post.

But Reese is doing well and that's all that matters right now. She's in good spirits too.

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Tiffany Lockette said...

The waking up from the surgery is the worst. Zoe had tubes put in her ears and had to be put to sleep. She did the same thing, screaming, thrashing of the arms, she wouldn't sit up (limp weight). It is so sad but luckily doesn't last to long. I can't believe they think Reese's problem might be Arthritas, that is just crazy to me, she is so little. Keep us posted. She is in my prayers.