Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Friday

Friday is the day the Orthopedic surgeon has scheduled the removal of the tissue and fluid around Reese's knee. To be 100% certain that this is PVNS, it requires surgery. We are going to Scottish Rite's Day Surgery, so we should be home by late afternoon on Friday. We have to be there at 6:00 AM! She can't have any food or drink from midnight Thursday night. The night time won't be the problem, it's the next morning until she is sedated that will be hard.

It will be a long day, but so far Reese has proven herself such the little trooper that this will be just another adventure for us.

Like always, I'm worried about the sedation part of it. Needles, hurting my baby, and the recovery. This will be a bit more sedation due to the incision they have to do, so recovery will be a bit longer. I'm not really sure what condition her knee will be in either. But I trust Scottish Rite docs and Rn's. And most of all I trust God that Reese will be ok.

Thanks for all your calls, emails and prayers!