Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A boy??!! What am I to do?!

Ok, I must admit. I'm having a hard time getting into "BOY MODE." I was so ready for a boy before we knew Reese was a girl. And once we found out, I was against PINK! Now, I can't get enough of it. I'm totally immersed in everything girl and can't get past it. I love all things girly. I look at little boys in awe... part wonderment, part fright! At music class with Reese this morning, all the boys were so aggressive, so loud, so detached from their Mommas. I'm not sure that I'm a "boy-mom" like I once thought I was. Am I going to be able to mother Reese and give her what she needs and then in the same breath be able to give to Tillman what he needs? Boys and Girls are inherently different. I'm reading some books about boys and what they need. It's not the latest pop-psycho babble either. These books are based on male and female and how God created us and how a mother (and father) has an essential relationship in both. Yet, both are different. I really hope I can be a great mother to both Reese and Tillman. I guess I'm just doubting myself right now... Do I have it in me?

Also, as a stupid side-note... why is all the boy nursery "stuff" so "girly"?????? I don't want Tillman sleeping on baby animals, and I'm not going with the typical themes out there for boys... nautical, sports, or planes, trains or automobiles. Ughhh, there has to be something else! I want it boy enough, yet not so trite! I'm acting like the decisions I make for his first room are going to determine the kind of man he is going to become. (I'm blaming this on my crazy-preggers-brain!)


holly said...

you can do it!!

as for the nursery, i felt the same. we ended up doing apple green, white and chocolate brown. our bedding was white with green piping and the sheets were green houndstooth, which to me is a masculine-enough pattern.

From the desk of... said...

Alex's room is apple green also with denim blue & that black twin bed I bought with you years ago in Roswell. My Alex is a mommas boy & loves to do girl & boy stuff. It is great that he will watch a Barbie movie in the car with Molly & never complain, but he always needs a blue lollipop or anything else for that matter.

It will be great & don't let your brain overwhelm you!!!
Are you gonna call him TJ for short?

Marian said...

You will LOVE having a boy, and he will LOVE having you as his mama, trust me :) It's great that you get to experience being a mom of both!!!! Love you and miss you!!!!