Friday, July 9, 2010

Lake Burton

We arrived back from Lake Burton yesterday... WOW! I have never been before. Thanks to Hubby's long time friends, we were invited to hang out with them and their family for a few days. It was awesome! We all had a blast, especially Reese. I loved boating around admiring all the gorgeous homes and boathouses! They were pretty amazing. There is even one featured this month in the latest Southern Living.
Reese did a ton in the short time we were there. I knew she would love all the kids. Reese learned a lot! :) She looked at the fish at the marina (above). And learned how to spit! She went tubing with Daddy and Isabelle.
Got along great with Isabelle. Izzy, took Reese under her wing. It was really cute to see....Mercer even let her drive his brand new boat!The water was perfect, a little cool, but it was nice considering the HOT weather. We had a great time! Thank you Gary Clan... Mercer, Mary, Matthew, Caleb, Isabelle and Scarlet!


Tiffany Lockette said...

I love Lake Burton, it is beautiful but I agree the water is soooo cold most of the time. Glad you guys had a fun trip!!

Jon Barnwell said...

Gorgeous homes and boathouses online!

Come back up in the fall, it's beautiful...