Thursday, September 30, 2010

bath time

We decided to use the kitchen sink for bath time using our new puj tub. Tillman was better than we thought he would be. See, he HATES being changed and being undressed (modest boy). He wails, so we were kinda dreading the whole being naked and add water episode. Well, he didn't even cry after he got comfortable in the tub. His first bath went pretty well. Reese enjoyed having a front row seat. The only thing we would change is the locale... the puj tub works better in smaller sinks, so up we go to the kids bathroom for T's next bath. Now T's hair is spiked up, I love it! He's also starting to sport some baby acne... yuk! Also, it looks like Mama needs to change her diet. He is very uncomfortable between feedings with gas and the like. Poor fella. Poor Mama too... I can't have ANYTHING! Bland, Bland, Bland... Blah, Blah, Blah! It was so easy with Reese, she loves hot salsa to this day. Not Mr. T! So, I have cut out tomato products and spicy foods. I hope it improves his poor little system.


holly said...

so sweet! i can't believe how big reese looks next to him. amazing how fast they grow in just two years!!

The Puj Team said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for sharing your experience with the Puj tub, glad your little one enjoyed himself! Your children are darling, congratulations!