Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fancy Nancy goes to school

This past Thursday was Reese's Halloween "Parade" and class party. Hubby, Tillman and I all went to take pictures and see Fancy Nancy sing songs with her class on stage. They were all so cute singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and a Halloween Song in the tune of Wheels on the Bus with hand motions and everything. It was really fun to see her class and her classmates. The parents were really nice and I'm so glad she is at this school. Reese looooooves her teachers and she is pictured with Ms. Priss above. Her other teacher, Ms. Karen takes the best pictures and posts them on the class blog. (So, you know I love her!) It's wonderful to see her in action with the other kids and the blog shows how fun they are all having.


Susan D. said...

That is such an adorable outfit, especially for a little one! Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Reese is such a cutie pie!! Glad you guys had a fun Halloween!