Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just the girls

It has been even more important lately to carve out time just for Reese. Honestly, that's the toughest part of having two. All that attention once devoted to your first born is now divided between your first born and second. It's so hard for Reese, and it seems like she will settle for any kind of attention now and lately it's been of the negative sort. Our patience is worn thin. So, it was so nice to have two and a half hours (between breastfeeding) just to hang with my favorite little girl.

The smile on Reese's face when I told her that it was just Mommy and Reese going to Target and the park was priceless. I had such a good time with her. No whining, she was pleasant to be around, we laughed and enjoyed our outing together. It didn't seem like much, but it told me that I have to do much more of that.... Carve out more mommy/daughter time.

Lately disciplining her has been utterly exhausting. This (very early) morning started out with a 45 minute crying session. The brunt of that one was on Hubby. A standoff with your daughter at the crack of dawn is not how you want to start your day! Bottom line, it breaks my heart. I know she needs to be disciplined, but it's just hard. I know we are doing what is best in the long run, but it's just hard. I'm thankful for a Hubby who is strong enough to discipline and who is consistent.

During this tiring time, it is vital that Reese feels loved and special. So having these precious one-on-one times with her are great and so important. Like I said we only went to Target and then the park, and it was so fun! We watched the little guys play football and cheered them on. We collected multi-colored leaves and nuts. We held hands and sang Itsy Bitsy Spider. We said hello to friendly dogs. And we shopped at Target. And I loved every minute of it.

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