Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TJY - month one photos

He's growing like a weed, despite spitting up so much. The poor little guy seems to spit up everything he eats. I was worried about it, but the doctor and hubby are not. Tillman weighed 10lbs 14 oz (8lbs 9oz at birth) so I should not be worried. He is eating every 3 hours now, a heck of a lot better than every 2 hours like he was the first few weeks! Tillman seems to be a lot more fussy than big sister was. He needs motion...he's either in his swing (Thank you Sarah!) in the baby bjorn, sling or just being rocked by daddy. He is awake more and more and I love his expressions. He opens his mouth a lot, as if he is cracking up! He is very noisy and grunts a lot, so he may be in his crib very soon. Currently he is still in our room sleeping in his Boppy papasan bouncer so he is upright. This helps his spitting up at night. I can't believe he is a month old. We are so glad he is here. Here is month one pictures of Reese... I don't see a lot of similarities actually.


holly said...

oh, kim!! he's so sweet! let us know when you're up for visitors of the rambunctious kind!!

ps—cute blanket. where did you find that?

kelly said...

He is adorable and has grown so much!! Kayla spit up constantly...we literally went through 10 bibs a day!