Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gorgeous Fall Weekend

This is Tillman most of his day, sitting up. Why??? Because he spits up A LOT!! It's more than just the occasional spit up after a feeding. It used to last the whole three hours between feedings. He's a mess! I feel so badly for him, because it has escalated to major congestion and spitting up bile, for lack of a better, friendlier word. He is clearly in pain and it sucks! We went to the doctor last week and he is now on Reflux medication. The medicine has calmed the reflux down, but not entirely. He still has his horrible coughing spells in which he spits up which seems to me, pretty violently. I hate it! I have changed my diet, no more dairy. fine. We have kept him upright for 30 minutes after each feeding. fine. We have propped him up (safely) in his bed at night. fine. But what is not FINE is that he has to go through this. I wish the medicine took it all away. I guess he just has to "grow" out of it. He's still gaining weight pretty nicely. He was a hefty 15.9 last week and wears 6 months clothes. So THAT's not the problem. I just wish he didn't have to go through this reflux! The poor guy is loosing all his hair too. Hubby told me Tillman looks like he has a "high & tight" military cut now. His skin is a lot better. He has eczema all over and the Aquaphor Ointment has done the trick. We slap that on after each bath and his skin is actually kind of soft now. Despite all this, he is a happy baby. He loves to flash his big ol' gummy smile and it melts my heart. He's "talking" to us too!
She plays in the leaves like the rest of them, but not after applying bright red polish first. This morning I gave her a much needed mani/pedi. She insisted she try it "all by myself." Thank goodness for polish remover!!! Reese is really showing / trying out her independence by wanting to do everything on her own. It takes a longer time to do anything, but it's worth it. It's great to see her do so much more on her own.