Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TJY Month 3

It has been so fun getting to know Tillman. He is so much better with his reflux. The meds have really controlled it and he is smiling even more now. :) Those smiles light up his whole face and melt my heart. He is starting to laugh and grab at rings that hang from his car seat carrier. He jumps at every strange noise, and it seems like every noise is strange to him. He can be laughing and smiling one minute, but if it's close to feeding time, the very next minute he is screaming bloody murder! He is finally sleeping in his crib. Up until last week, he was in his bassinet propped up so he would spit up less. Now he is fine sleeping in his crib on his sleep positioner. Tillman goes to bed around 9pm, then he wakes up to feed around 3:30 and again at 6:30 or 7am. Not bad... and getting better.
I love Tillman's outfit... it's from our friend Meg who has two adorable boys of her own. The boys always have the cutest clothes on. They are not smocked and monogrammed or seersuckered... they are all boy and cute at the same time. So I was excited when she picked this out for Tillman.
Good night... there is a lot more swirling around in my head but I really don't have the energy to formulate sentences right now. It's only 9:20 pm and I'm exhausted! I'm so grateful that I get to leave work at 3:00 and be home at 3:07! Although, after holding / feeding Tillman, doing a craft / playing with Reese, dinner, bath, books, good night, clean up, and anything else that needs to be done... I'm pretty exhausted. And it's not like I'm by myself, there is two of us! ("there are" or "there is") ok... really, I'm publishing this post before I start typing gibberish.....Good night.


Alan said...

Love the outfit! He is a little rock star!