Monday, April 11, 2011

Afternoon shenanigans

After school today, I headed back with the kids for time at the playground. This is one of Reese's favorite things to do. All of a sudden, she needed to go to the bathroom. We used the bathroom (so proud of her) next to our music room. After peering in, it was all over. We spent the rest of our time checking out all the instruments. She loved it, it took quite a lot of coaxing to get us out of there.

We found a bucket of colorful scarves that had Tillman in stitches the whole time.

I had to post this shot. I really can't believe it. Reese was having such a good time she actually was hugging Tillman and making him laugh even more!

The she got me laughing when she slipped these on at dinner. I turned around and there she was sporting the winter shades. It was like she was testing me... "How long is it going to take for mom to realize I have these on at the dinner table?!"

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