Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Picture

Pretty pitiful, isn't it? I couldn't convince Reese to get any closer to her little brother. This is pretty typical of their relationship right now, though. While Reese says, "ew, stay away" Tillman just smiles and is so happy to just be around her. We are really having to teach Reese how to react to Tillman. For example, he gets excited when she is around and tries to touch her. We have to tell her that he is just being playful and we are teaching her how to be playful towards him. We have seen better behavior from her lately, like giving him a toy, or talking to him nicely, or sharing, but then she also has her moments of acting nasty. It's not like we don't give her any attention, it's quite honestly the opposite at times. I sometimes feel like we give her MORE attention. If anyone should be acting out, it should be Tillman! I just pray it gets somewhat better over time. I don't want to settle for "Oh, it's just how sisters and brothers are." I know it can and will be better, Reese is still adjusting to being a big sister and she is still TWO! In time....