Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome Home Daddy

We welcomed home Daddy from The Hangout with a huge sign that we painted this afternoon. I took off all their clothes, except a diaper and headed out back to paint!Reese really got into it. I also traced her body on one huge piece of paper and let her paint that as well. When I told her to paint her "body"... guess what she did!? Yep, it was all over HER body... oh, well... She had a blast, I hosed her down and she jumped in the neighbors afterwards. She really got a kick out of the life size paper doll too! I actually traced Tillman too, but it looked like a big blob when I cut it out.

The best part was when Daddy actually arrived home. Reese was so excited and jumped into his arms. Tillman nearly jumped out of my arms too because he was so excited to see daddy. It was the cutest thing to see. Tillman leaned into him and actually gave him a hug and a wet slobbery kiss. I wish I had the Flip. It was the best!!

Hubby's mom was in town for the long weekend. She was awesome to have in town and be with the kids while I worked and be with me to keep me sane. :) THANK YOU!!! Reese and Tillman miss you already!