Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enjoying the lake

I'm so glad Reese & Tillman love the water! Reese has her floaty and just swims, or shall I say paddles all around. She even paddled 100 feet out from our dock to the little yellow ball we have floating. (we were with her swimming near her) I'm going to enroll her in swimming lessons next month. We are looking forward to it. Tillman just splashes around and dunks his face in the water.

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Leighton said...

We LOVE seeing "MamaKim" with her "chillin's"!!! Have a Wonderful Birthday tomorrow, Kim! UncLeighton & Auntie Tricia:)

kelly said...

so cute!! happy b-day!

Alan said...

What kind of beer is Tillman drinking in that picture. Glad to see that he is at least using a Georgia koozie!

Happy Birthday!