Friday, August 5, 2011

Making the bday cake

Reese has requested a chocolate cake with vanilla icing for her birthday. So that's what we made today for her celebration at the lake on Saturday. And the only thing she's asking for her birthday is a Hello Kitty book.

Today she asked me if she turns three when she blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Hmmmm, I never thought of that, but sure.... that should be the moment we turn a year older. We make a wish, blow out our candles and instantly turn a year older... what a magical moment.

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From the desk of... said...

Hey, not sure whereabouts in the lake you are at, but we are heading to the Ritz Lake Oconee with the kids and will be there Sat. afternoon to noon on Sunday. Let me know if there is any chance to get together, or you guys could come to the Ritz and swim in the pool/lake beach area!! Let me know what you think. Audi