Monday, August 15, 2011

Trip to the library

It wasn't a very good trip to the library, I must say. Most of the time the kids were running/crawling away, yanking books of the shelf, and getting chastised by the librarian! Yikes! I guess we will continue to go to Barnes & Noble where they have trains, stuffed animals, we can talk above a whisper, and staff that know us by name. Although, I want to keep going back, despite possible evil-eyes from the librarian because the teacher in me knows the importance in having children appreciate and follow "library etiquette."

During our good moments, Reese wanted to read me a book and pretended she was a teacher. (correcting bad behavior and everything) oh my!

Then Tillman was pretty much occupied with a bin filled with board books. He would take the books out, put them back, take them out, put them back and so on. However, when he saw Pat the Bunny, he took a break to read it. I was amazed when he did every activity on his own! (that's all Daddy!!)

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