Monday, February 6, 2012


Photo Challenge day 6 - Dinnertime is somewhat chaotic. I don't mean it to be, it just is. We just mention the word dinner and Tillman climbs up on his high chair and cries until he has a plateful of food in front of him. Reese takes her time getting to the table asking me why (for the 1000th time) she has to wash her hands. I spend time blowing off food because it's too hot, cutting up pieces because I think Tillman will choke, replenishing plates because thankfully we have good eaters while making sure Tillman uses his spoon properly, reminding Reese of her manners, cleaning up the floor, and trying to have a meaningful conversation with the kids too. Whew, it's always a sigh of relief when it's over. So here is the picture of dinner when it's over... They had chicken nuggets, baked beans and corn. I offered Tillman peaches, but no go. The corn was not much of a hit tonight either.


holly said...

you are so lucky about having good eaters. dinner is hard for me, too, but for the opposite reason.

cute plates! where did you find them?

SimplyHeather said...

Aww! the plates are cute.