Saturday, February 11, 2012

What makes me happy... photo challenge

Crafting with Reese makes me happy....
 Melted crayons in our mold last weekend, but we put all the treat bags together for her Valentine's party this week. I printed the "Have a colorful Valentine's Day!" from The Long Thread. So cute, right?! Reese helped me drop all the goodies in the bags today... lollipops, heart necklaces, bubbles, heart "fruit" treats, and stickers.

 Two other things that make me happy... when Tillman and Reese play together... don't worry, this only lasted 30 seconds. But it was a joyous 30 seconds! And kid art makes me happy, especially when it's my kids!


kelly said...

You officially win "mom of the year". Kayla's school valentines cards were out of a box and I addressed them! Next year, I'm totally stealing this!