Thursday, July 5, 2012

sick little boy

Tillman's Fourth of July was spent throwing up, sleeping, repeat... It was pretty bad. As Reese and Hubby went to the parade and lunch, I was snuggling with a sick little boy and going through multiple wardrobe changes due to you know what. Not pretty! The poor little guy would just lay down where ever he was and was knocked out. This was his position while I took a shower. He slept most of the day and luckily he slept though the night as well. No throw up since yesterday....
 He stayed home with Hubby today and seemed to be a lot better... Hubby texted me this picture today. First, I thought Hubby taught him how to use the toilet to throw up, but then I looked more closely. I would say, Tillman is feeling better. He worked hard to throw ever single ball he owns into the toilet!
Glad he is better though!