Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birthday Girl

Our little girl is turning four today. She is thoughtful, caring, inquisitive, imaginative, loving, compassionate, sweet, playful, observant, sometimes shy and sometimes not, she is learning to share with her brother and learning to tie her shoes. She has the memory of an elephant and amazes me everyday. She loves letters and tries to read and rattles off letters, then asks us what that spells... it's usually something like "remooly" and we have to tell her it's not a word and then she argues with us and says it IS so a word!

She loves the water, whether it's the pool, lake or gulf. And is getting more gutsy each time she is in the water.... jumping off the side of the dock & swimming underwater. She loves to play pretend and is in her "imaginative world" often throughout the day. She is sweet to her dolls and enjoys being the "mommy."

It has been an honor being Reese's mom, I have loved every moment getting to know her and I thank God each day for her. Happy Birthday, Reese.


Leighton said...

At least twice a week I have to "remooly" Barny's chewy bones from our floor so we want trip over em'!!! :) HAPPY, BLESSED BIRTHDAY , REESE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A "BLESSING" TO US, ALL~!
UncLeighton & Auntie Tricia