Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hiking up Stone Mountain

Uncle Tony and the kids. 

We hiked up Stone Mountain this morning...what a beautiful day! I was so proud of both Reese and Tillman for hiking to the top without whining or asking to be picked up. They did it all by themselves.  Tillman saw some people running up the mountain... (that's a whole different level of in shape!) and so of course, T-Bone had to run up the mountain too. He took a few spills and got himself back up and kept at it, wanting to do it all by himself. Reese was amazing as well.

The classic "I bet she can't do it" happened right before we started. Reese and I were just starting out and she was saying in a whiny voice, "I'm tie-erd" And a few minutes later a man who was coming down the hill passed us and said, "I bet she can't hike the mountain, you will be carrying her before you know it."I just laughed at his remark, but then took it as an opportunity to tell her about it. She was awesome. She didn't say much when I was explaining it, but obviously took the challenge to heart. She did so well. We were all very proud of her.

Uncle Tony bought her an Arctic Blast and Reese was the happiest little girl.


Leighton said...

Gotta say, Kim...the Pic w/ all of ya' at the MOUNTAIN TOP........MIGHT JUST MAKE A "GREAT XMAS " PICTURE!!!!
(at a minimum...worth a Frame!)
Love ya'll.......
UncL & Auntie T