Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines and what we have been up to...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hubby gave me these beautiful-smelling roses on my car this morning. I did not see them until I was leaving for work. So, there they are... on my desk at work. I got to smell them all day long and think about how lucky I am.
This little girl had a great day as well with a Valentines outfit and cookies from Meme and Papa, a cute card from her Daddy and her school valentine party. Here is her box she decorated for her school valentines. She is quite excited.

These next two pictures make me want to hit the pause button. Who is this little girl? Is this my little Reesie? She is growing up... This is the outfit she wore the day before Valentine's Day... She apparently had a lot of hearts to go around. Her tights even have little hearts on them. Yes, she realizes that she has two DIFFERENT shoes on... well its the same shoe, but she has two pairs of that shoe. That's her style now. She prefers wearing the two colors. Not gonna fight that one.
 Then there is Tillman who has to wear something "Football" or "Georgia Bulldogs" everyday. I have started to tell him that his everyday white socks are worn by football players. Hey, they are called ATHLETIC socks, right? He also loves either wearing a helmet, wearing googles, or walking around with a hockey stick. If this boy does not play some sport when he grows up, I will be SHOCKED!
He has also gotten into the habit of walking in from school in the afternoons and heading straight for the drum set. Not a bad habit to have. :) He tells me that he is going to play the drums, he bangs around for a short while and then walks upstairs.


Leighton said...

UNC LEIGHTON....has been "holding" for SUCH A REPORT!!!!!!!!! TILLMAN PLAYS DRUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)/ the 4th Grade..I'd become 1st Chair Drummer....thru High School and Into "Honor's Drummer at GA."!! SO....LET HIM DRUM ON!!!!!!!!!!!/ by the way: they make "silent drum heads" (*I'd mentioned to JIM )and would be Worth it..and Cymbal Silencers...( I have extras...( CAN'T WAIT TO DRUM WITH TILLMAN**!!)
Thanks, KIM, for the UPDATE!

kelly said...

So cute! We need another dinner soon. xo