Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School

I'm getting into the "Back to School Mode" where I get excited about school supplies, bulletin boards and class lists. Now that I am a teacher, I have a very different attitude towards the month of September. I used to dread Labor Day, because up north, that meant the end of long summer days, tv nights, and freedom! Now, I get excited to buy all my school supplies...sharpies, pencils, glue, colored paper, expo markers for my white board, a new school bag. (I got this years in Nova Scotia...check it out!) I really do look forward to this time of the year, full of promise and new challenges. Teachers get to start thier NEW year in September, rather in January. So, my "new" year's resolutions for the 07-08 school year are:
1. Welcome each child with love, acceptance, and grace.
2. Offer challenging, yet interesting projects where my students learn and have fun.
3. Hold myself and each student to the highest standard.
4. Continue to educate myself in the technology field...taking classes, attending workshops and keeping up with published journals.
5. Be available to other teachers offering help, assistance or just my time.