Thursday, August 23, 2007

Favorite NS Pics

Kayaking in Baddeck.
We spotted a Mama Moose with her little one. I couldn't get them in the same shot though. This crazy photographer is a little close for my liking. It's still a WILD animal!
Fisherman's tubs?
I fell in love with the rocks on the beach. Don't know why, I guess I like the colors. I never saw a completely rock-filled beach before. I'm used to placing my big beach towel down on some soft sand.

This is one of the hikes we took in Cape Breton National Park. Jim is making it look very easy walking over these rocks. It required a lot of concentration.

A gorgeous sunset we saw in Annapolis Royal on St. Ann's Fort.
Another hike we took up a huge mountain in Cape Breton National Park. It was worth it for the great views like this one.
There were so many little fisherman towns like this.