Monday, October 22, 2007

We Did It!

We raise up our sneakers in honor for all the women and men who have had the fight of their lives with breast cancer. It was yet another amazing event in Tampa this past weekend with my friends, Valerie and Sabrina in the Breast Cancer 3-Day. It was challenging, but not as challenging as the fight the survivors go through. We made ribbons honoring each woman who has been touched by this cruel disease and wore them around our waists each day looking to them for inspiration when we felt tired, or stiff, or our blisters throbbed. We met some amazing people along the way too. George Nummer, who is walking his 16th walk and who is walking every one this year! He is only 300 bucks away from raising the money for each walk this year. WOW! (By the way, he is 75 years old!) Berry Blauer, who is from Michigan who is also walking every walk this year. And then there is Gail who is in a wheelchair and asking others not to push her because this is something she wants to do for herself and those with breast cancer. There are countless stories along the way of many heroes walking for family, friends and even themselves. I wore my Save 2nd Base Tee proudly on the 3rd day in honor of my friend, Meg, who is fighting this battle right now. Her strength got me through the toughest day for me. And everyone loved the shirt, it was worth seeing the smiles on other's faces as they remembered what 2nd base means!
We are thinking of going to San Diego next year for the walk. Will you join us? Thank you to you all who made the walk possible for me to do. Thank you for you who gave money and their time walking as well! I really appreciate it.
Click here for pics of our walk.