Monday, November 5, 2007

Now Hear this...

Galactic and Blue Rodeo are two bands I saw this past week. Galactic was at Variety Playhouse in Little 5. Lot's of Funk and Soul. Can't really explain it, you have to listen to them online. They were a blast. Boots Riley was one of their special guests. WOW! He made the show for me. I gotta get a CD of his. Blue Rodeo is a long-standing Canadian Country band. They were good. We saw them at Smith's Olde Bar. Lot's off thier new album, Small Miracles, but enough from prior CD's to keep me tappin' my toes and singing along. It was a bummer I was out of town part of this past week. I missed Josh Ritter, who also played at Smiths. My husband said it was amazing! I'm hearing that a lot lately, so definitely check him out! It's a great album. Just go and buy it, you will not be disappointed.