Wednesday, December 12, 2007

3 things that made me smile before 7 am

I left 10 minutes early this morning to get gas and a coffee on my way to work. And three things made me smile... all before 7:00 AM. This usually doesn't happen folks. Anyway, when I pulled into the gas station at 6:50 am they were blaring over the speakers Guns n Roses, Sweet Child O' Mine. That just cracked me up for some reason. The second thing that made me smile is when I was in line for my Venti Mocha, the lady in front of me was discussing to her husband how they should purchase every one's Christmas gifts now. NOW??? At 6:55 AM!! There was only one worker at this small Starbucks, so I knew I was screwed standing behind this fiasco. But miraculously, she asked the Starbucks guy something, he said something in return, and she walked away!! THAT put a smile on my face. Then driving to work, it's still dark around these parts, I passed a HUGE house with Christmas lights still on. Now this house had blow up Santa and Reindeer, wreaths on every post, lights galore! It was tack-ily ( I know, it's not a word) beautiful! That made me smile too! WOW, all before 7:00 AM! This is going to be a great day.