Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas in July??

Nope, this is not the weather for July, it is the weather forecast for tomorrow in DECEMBER! For the last few days, we have had record breaking temps. I know why we are nick-named, "Hot-lanta", but I never knew it would be so true in DECEMBER! According to the weather channel, we are supposed to reach another high of 77 degrees! Yikes. I actually like the weather, but it's kind of weird seeing Christmas at the same time. It makes me wonder... something doesn't feel right. Christmas music sounds funny. Buying Christmas presents feels silly. Drawing snowmen on pictures at school with my second-graders goes against reason.... I'm happy for the nice weather, but around Christmas time, it would be nice to feel some colder weather. SHUT UP, KIM.... GO TO THE MIDWEST, they are having ice & snow storms... Ok, I'll take the 77 degree weather and like it!